Lisp is a programmable programing language. - John Foderaro

I am a wannabe Lisp hacker. I am still new, but sometimes I catch a fleeting glimpse of the power available and I feel happy that some day I will know how to harness it. Right now I am using CMUCL and SBCL on the Debian distribution of the GNU/Linux OS with GNU Emacs plus ilisp or slime as my enveronment.

This page is for helping out the newcomer to come to terms with the Lisp world (which is quite different). One of the best ways is to hang out at comp.lang.lisp - listening and asking questions.


Compiled Lisp : Some Points

Main Resources
CLiki : The Common Lisp Wiki * : Extensive Links : Extensive Links
The Common Lisp Cookbook
CL on Debian

OnLisp by Paul Graham is a _very_ good book.
A Gentle Approach to Symbolic Computation by - David T. is a very good starting point for someone new to programming itself.

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