I have only used 35mm films... '-) because I only have a 35mm camera.
All prices as of 2003 07 02 (1 USD ~ Rs.47)

Film ISO Process Price (Rs) Experience
color slide film
Fuji Sensia 100 E6 185 --I used this film when me and Mhatre had gone photographing to Revas. It was a summer day -extremely hazy. The photos came out OK, but the fact is I was disappointed. I had it developed at the best Fuji lab in the city. But I guess I have to blame the photographer rather than the film.
-- someone else had the same experience. It seems it is due to stored film.
Kodak Elitecrome 100 E6 175 First slide roll I shot with my 50/1.4. The weather was moonsoon but still the slides came out very vibrant and exteremly sharp. Excellent value for money.
color reversal (print) film.
Konica Centuria 100 C-41 70 Liked this one very much. Very nice colors and tones. Reds are, maybe, a bit too bright. Fine grain. It is quite cheap too.
Konica VX 100 C-41 60 This is the old workhorse. Flattering to Indian skin tones. Very cheap too.
Kodak Profoto 90 100 C-41 60 Most marriage photographers choice. Excellent colors with flash. Nice skin tones. Cheap. (I think it is discontinued now as of 6/2004)
Kodak Gold 100 C-41 85 Most popular film for p/s small compacts -- I guess the great latitude makes it the choice.
Fuji Superia 100 C-41 75 Very saturated colours. Beautiful greens. Very good.
Kodak VC160 160 C-41 160 Well I found it was a bit grainer than the MAX400 ! But colors were saturated. I dont think it is worth the extra cost.
Kodak Gold 200 C-41 90 This is the film to use if you have a small compact camera. Especially if you want to shoot indoors or in low light conditions. Gives better results than the Gold 100.
Kodak Max Versitality 400 C-41 130 Very fine grain. But I guess a bit warm in color?
Kodak Supra 400 C-41 160 Very neutral color. Fine grain. Very vibrant. Excellent film. But it is expensive.
Fuji Superia 800 C-41 180 Very grainy and expensive.
B/W reversal (print) film
Illford PAN 100 trad. 65 great film.
Kodak T400CN 400 C-41 120 Fine grained. Pushable.

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