Our Ruia Naka

Abhijit Rao, 19th February 2005.

Naka. A place where humanity congregates. The faithfuls, the religious, the regulars, the observers, the avid arguers, the occasional sight seers ... all. This is the place where you meet unexpected people. And expected ones too. Like a fly to honey we are drawn to it. Here, in the indistinct murmour of voices one finds a unique peace.


The dispenser of wisdom. The "Gareeb Bhraman". He concocts our elixir. He is our beloved Chaiwalla.

The Kettle of Love

This is the vessel from which comes the liquid we consume in such copious amounts day by day.

Bokri, Charli, ..., Manoj

Bishnu's second in command. Without his occasional random thought we would be less happy then we usually are.

Which Sandwich?

Food for thought.


Fresh lime. Rose lime. WaterLemon...


Bhel, shevpuri, panipuri ... Add spice to life.

Durga Parmeshwari's

DP's is the high spot of naka life. Most celebrations happen here.


The triangle.

Naka Soldier

Denizens of the naka. They come in all shapes and sizes.



This one is on the younger side. He is happy. He inspires us to be happy. And most of the time all he wants is "do rupay".


Contemplate, Introspect, Retrospect, dream, dream, dream ...



This is a place to share. Thoughts, food, smoke, love, hate ...

All photographs taken by Abhijit Rao. Camera was a Minolta Dynax 5 with a Minolta AF 50mm f:1.4 lens. All photographs taken at f 1.4. Film used was Konica Centuria 200ISO pushed 2 stops and underexposed by 1/2 a stop. All photographs handheld. All photograhs taken in company of Harshawardhan.

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