Capn. W.E. Jones

As a child, one of my favourites was Bigglesworth, the adventurous aviator. I have read and reread and still read the books of this series. I had about 40, of which 6 are misplaced.
  1. Biggles Pioneer Air Fighter (WWI Short Stories)
  2. Biggles of 266 (WWI Short Stories)
  3. Biggles of the Camel Squardron (WWI Short Stories)
  4. Biggles of the Special Air Police
  5. Biggles of the Interpol
  6. Biggles Flies West (Post WWI, Adventure and Treasure Hunt)
  7. Biggles Flies North
  8. Biggles Flies South
  9. Biggles and the Penitent Thief (Post WWII, Air Poilce Case, Labrador Cost)
  10. Biggles and the Dark Intruder
  11. Biggles and the Blue Moon
  12. Biggles and the Black Peril
  13. Biggles and the Black Mask
  14. Biggles in Austrilia
  15. Biggles in Mexico
  16. Biggles in the Baltic
  17. Biggles in the Blue (Cold War, In the Carrebian hunting for Nazi secrets)
  18. Biggles in the Terai
  19. Biggles in the South Seas
  20. Biggles in the Orient (WWII, In India fighting the Japs)
  21. Biggles Defies the Swastika (WWII)
  22. Biggles Works it Out
  23. Biggles Sorts it Out
  24. Biggles Hits the Trail
  25. Biggles Flies Again (Post WWI, Around the World)
  26. Biggles Buries a Hatchet
  27. Biggles Investigates
  28. Biggles' Second Case
  29. Biggles' Chineese Puzzle
  30. Biggles' Special Case (Cold War, Middle East)
  31. Biggles--Secret Agent
  32. The Boy Biggles (pre WWI)
  33. No Rest for Biggles
  34. Orchids for Biggles


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