Some Quasi Rhymers


When the rain comes,
the heart hums.
The birds wing,
and the frogs sing.
The grass is green,
and the streets are clean.
The sky darkens,
the light weakens.
With a yell of joy
into the rain I fly
to dance
and to prance
'cause when the rain comes
the heart hums.

 quasi (July 2001)

Infinite Space

the bark of the shark
and the howl of the fowl
the cackle of the spark
and the shriek of the ghoul
the roar of the rat
and the crow of the cat
And so in that space
I comfortably sat.
smoking with the volcanos
and pouring with the rain
no loss no more
and no more gain
while the donkeys were braying
and the good folks were praying
I looked and there the end was neigh
crazy, insane we all must die...
so come on girl, hand in hand
let us walk this infinite sand
while the sun still shines and the moon is bright
let us walk in this cosmic light
on this feathery wind, let us fly
surf the clouds and get as high as high.

 quasi (Sept 2001)


that day is on its way 
the day that I fly away 
fly away into the blue 
into the blue without a clue 
without a clue but with a desire 
a desire to fly into the fire 
the fire and then the sea 
the sea and then its just me 
just me and myself we wait 
we wait at the closed gate 
the closed gate to who knows what 
What? I haven't given it a single thought!

 quasi (Oct 2001)


Uninteresting places...
dark holes with shallow faces...
glazed eyes staring at you,
no, it ain't nothing new.
but you cannot help -
        you are too involved in yourself.
a fast car on the tar,
a big house with a spouse,
you have it -
        but that is not it.
you cannot but feel sour,
when all you want is a little more.

quasi (Mar 2001)

Orange Sun 

the wet grass of the morning 
and the tiny flowers in the dew 
the yellow rays of an orange sun 
and the sky so blue 
yeah yeah hmmmmm hmmmmmm 
yeah, this is the place where I live

the mystic dance of the plastic bee 
flower to flower as I watch in glee 
the laughing brook with it's spirit so free 
and the cool shade of the lonely tree 
yeah yeah hmmmmm hmmmmmm 
yeah, this is the place where I live

the joyous bird with his morning song 
and the cotton clouds all along 
the sultry noon with its silent scream 
and the evening with its orange dream. 
yeah yeah hmmmmm hmmmmmm 
yeah, this is the place where I live

into the dusk of the dying day 
the sparks from the fires start to play 
hungry eyes and the meal is done 
and again the dream of the orange sun 
yeah yeah hmmmmm hmmmmmm 
yeah, this is the place where I live

pale stars in the darkening sky 
and then the moon begins to fly 
right across this jeweled dome 
on his nightly journey home 
yeah yeah hmmmmm hmmmmmm 
yeah, this is the place where I live

then at the crack of dawn 
with the world awaking all around 
the first rays of the orange sun 
give life to every one... 
yeah yeah hmmmmm hmmmmmm 
yeah, this is the place where I live

 quasi (Sept 2001)


She called me up a few days back
I was sure taken aback!
its' been years since we have talked
or walked
chattering about everything and anything
till the time would fly and the ears would ring
with her sweet laugh

says that she's going far away
and that there was no time to meet
what could i say?
I mumbled something down the line
remembering her brown eyes
which were like wine
It was probably the last time we would speak
and I wanted to say something she'd remember
but alas, I couldn't have been any dumber.

she wished me kilos of luck and tons of pluck and 
... then she was gone
I was left all alone
holding on to the phone
...and so it goes on
life with its mystic twists and turns
moments sweet and sour
deceit and lies, truth and pies
promises broken or promises kept
but in the final hour
it is only the memories which are left...

quasi (Aug 2001)


Save ourselves, Save the Earth
they all say, there's no dearth
but they will cut and they will dig
the toxic industrial pee
	will land up in the sea
people will be so wasted
	having plutonium tasted
Arise every one!
Bow to the king :
	the mightiest virus of them all!
The human being.

quasi (Mar 2001)

Strike Back

The strange land calls me
but I am deaf dumb and blind
my myopic vision always out of mind
hags on the street
plastic bags greet
promises to meet
women to cheat
the warriors of the Lord
at war
in the name of peace
Inane thoughts of a morbid brain
... all you need is a salty grain
The sad dance to celebrate
the metamorphosis of the human
from benign to malign
everybody hold your breath
till mother nature strikes back.

quasi (Feb 2001)

Got something to say

I got something to say
oh yeah! something to say
down the lane as I walk
with no one but myself to talk
thinking about whatever
wondering away wherever
why cant I stop the pain
what have I got to gain
O lord where is the blessed rain?

Into the great arid waste
why is everyone in haste?
the murky skies with the bloated sun
with this broken heart I can't even run
the life water is now a poison stream
this is the vision of our dream
there is war within
there is war without
all the guns want to screech and shout
and then the gun is the law and the law is the gun
some have all and some have none...

the crazed masses will one day revolt
and strike this world like a lightning bolt
and this we choose
we choose our end
isn't it sad dear friend?
so let us fight
fight for the right
fight for the future
fight for ourselves
fight for as long as may
oh yes! I got something to say
as I walk away....

quasi (Jan 2002)


Inside the cave of my mind
where the thoughtful bats hang
nobody will ever remind
you, that your insanely humorous gang
has finally fallen behind

the cave is deep
and sometimes the cave is shallow
when the bats start to weep
even the rocky walls sound hollow

there is water in the cave
what a wonderful gift he gave
now we can eat and drink
and think
about what is to come
the whole world drowning in rum

at last! there is company for the bats
we are being invaded by the rats
if the insane humour goes from the eyes
you can see the stark emptiness that lies
in the vast void behind
called the cave of my mind...

quasi 6 Apr 2002

back to level one

look into my eyes
look into my soul
look right through me gurl
look at my mind swurl

look and you will see
just what you mean to me
just what I see in you
the peace that you give...

so dont just pass me by
without giving it a try
we could be on an infinite ride
riding the rising tide

you and me, we may find
we have just one mind
we sing the same silly song
and call the same things wrong

so let us go
go, just run away
into the world
where only our songs play...

quasi 28 Nov 2002


the storm gathering
in the abyss of your eyes
the thunder, the lightning
and all the cries

no one to hear
no one is near
rain cold on your face
above you plead your case

with the wind in your feet
you drag through eternity
blood on your nails
scratch at uncertainty

deep within, the wail grows loud
outside, the fading sky
desperate and grey as the rain cloud
washing away the mighty high

search as much, the spark is lost
extinguished and extinct
the magic spell uncast
everything soon indistinct

on the lonely hill slope,
in the shadow of a tree
all you do is hope,
that one day you will be free.

quasi 08 August 2003


sitting alone
I try to work
cant do nothing,
feel like a jerk

going broke
everything too few
and all I do
is think of you...

walk the road
sit the bench
a million people
a whole new stench

I try the game
cant learn nothing new
and all I do
is think of you...

drink the tea
watch the watch
cant see nothing
nothing of you

stupid hope
without a clue
and all I do
is think of you...

you come around
dont even look at me
it's all right miss
there aint much to see

so it goes
the time which flew
and all I do
is think of you...

quasi 11 August 2003

beautiful life

I looked up at the sky one time
wanted to see the darkness of the night
but the darkness was invisible to me
in the profusion of all the heavenly light

I looked down at the earth one time
wanted to see what patriotic blood meant
but all I could see were the earthworms
and the wet soil with the heavenly scent

I looked across the river one time
wanted to see what lay beyond
but the picture was so perfect from here
that I didnt feel like going around

I looked towards the mountain one time
wanted to climb it and be on top
but I'd heard they only look good from afar
so I found a shady tree and decided to stop

I looked at a little bird one time
wondered how it must be to fly
spread your wings and soar above
into the heavens even before you die

I looked at a little child one time
and wondered how it must be to cry without shame
no thought of the tears nor anyone else
no claims of right and no wrongs to blame

I looked at a waterfall one time
the water so bright and refreshingly new
now all the time anywhere I look
I see the waterfall and I see you

quasi 3 Sept 2003


love is freedom
     love is to set free
love is the sweet river 
     love is the salty sea

love is not to ask for
     but everything to give
love is death
     love is life anew

love is a butterfly
     we the flower
love is weakness
     love is the power

love is blindness
     love is divine sight
love is darkness
     love is the inner light

love is harmony
     love is strife
love is the bandage
     love is the knife

love is the hangman
     love is the rope
love is the leap of faith
     love is the ray of hope

love is agony
     love is ecstasy
love is soft passion
     love is you and me

- for her ... quasi 20041126

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