Matheran Lonavala

August 2004

A disused road on the Bhor ghat.

Clouds coming up with the Duke's Nose in the background

I have heard the arch is called "the amrutanjan arch" or something ... because of a very old hording on top. Dont know if it is true.

Ullhas falls. We had a very small window to take this shot as it was raining heavily all the time.

Bhivpuri falls in the background.

On the way up to Matheran. Folks having some fun.

My favrourite falls from Echo point.

From the other side.

Lake Charolette. We drank some chai at a stall from where we took a few photos including this one.

It was pretty chilly out there. (photo by Amey)

Lake Chorelette runoff.

We make "maggie" on our petrol stove much to the amusement of the folks from Jummapatti. The petrol was from the bike tank.


paddy fields - very scenic

The Matheran range.

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