Kille Rajgad

(Dec 2001)

Padmavati Machi. The encircled building was where we stayed.
The bale-killa (fort within a fort - generally where the chief stayed)
is visible in the background.

The bale-killa. I went up to the encircled buruz (round fortified bastion)

This is where supposedly C.Shivaji used to
conduct affairs in the early days

Kille (fort) Torna - in the western direction

Sanjivani Machi - One of the three arms (machi's) of Rajgad

Climbing a steep path up to the
top of the bale-killa

The stone archway is the entrance to the bale-killa

Suvela Machi - One of the arms of Rajgad

Padmavati Machi - from the buruz.
The encircled building is where we stayed

Pali Darwaja - on the path leading to Pali village at the foot.

The bale-killa from Sanjivani Machi

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