Oct 2003

Boats at Bhau-cha-dhakka
Minolta S414
Some boats at the bhau-cha-dhakka (jetty). It was a busy morning here with lot's of fisher folks and boats all around. The air was full of the smell of fish and the sea.

Our Ferry
Minolta S414
We loaded our bikes (at some peril and a heavy price) on the ferry. The boat trip from bhau-cha-dhakka to Revas bunder saved us some 80km of bike riding. The journey was pleasent to say the least. If we would have caught the earlier ferry then, it would have been cooler -- it get hot very quick on the sea.

The Dock
Minolta S414
Seen here the jetty as we leave for Revas bunder.

Kihim Beach
Minolta S414
We arrived at Kihim beach at noon time. This was a spontaneously decided trip so it was ill planned. But we enjoyed none the less. The beach was radiating with heat under the october noon sun.

Minolta S414
It was a lazy time on the beach. There were few others around. We drank some cool pepsi, ate some snacks, roamed around the beach or generally lolled under some shade.

At Panvel
Minolta S414
On the way back we took the road. Here we are at Panvel, eating at "Shri Datta Snacks" at Wadkhal naka.

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