Road Tripping : The Konkan

18th to 28th May 2005

Day Four : 21th May 2005

#16 family at dapoli

dapoli -> harne 14km

#17 harne bandar

harne bundar -> dapoli 14km

dapoli -> dabhol 34km

#18 pophli baag at dabhol

#19 tiny launch at dabhol

dabhol -> veldur (ferry)

veldur -> guheghar 15km

guhegar -> hedvi 24km

hedvi -> tavsale 9km

tavsale -> ferrypoint 6km

#20 launch at tavsale

ferry point -> otherside ferry

landing point to -> khandale 11km

khandale -> chaufe fata 16km

chaufe fata -> ganpati pule 12km

Ganpati Pule

#21 ganpati pule

It was our fourth day. We reached Ganpati Pule (and civilisation again) quite late. The mood was very pensive. It had been a long day. Next day was last day of phase I. Sujay had decided to leave for Mumbai from Ratnagiri while we would continue.

We slept right next to the Mandir. With the sea in front, the moon above, and the wind around us. The security guards did not own the place, so we could do pretty much what we wanted. We did. We got spiritual on the beach in the stiff breeze late at night. We talked (only after dinner).