"The various moments of one's life usually look mundane. Why a few see otherwise is due to their interested eye."

Jan 1995
My first trek. It was a three day affair involving a remote and inaccessabe fort.
Abhijit © 1997
Feb 1998
To Kille Sagargad. This was an interesting trek...
Abhijit © 1999
Camping at Peth (snake scare episode)
Feb 1999
Me and Shabbir camped on the very top of the Peth Fort
Abhijit © Nov 2000
Camping at Peth (rat scare episode)
Dec 2000
Four of us camped in the cave at Peth Fort
Abhijit © Jan 2001
Trek to Taovli
July 1998
Campus group goes to Taovli
Abhijit © Apr 2001
Peth : High Summer
1stJune 2003
To Peth, me and Sarang K.
Abhijit © June 2003

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