The Flamingo

Scarlet and Lesser

Photographs taken by Abhijit Rao on 11th Jan 2006.
Minolta Dynax 5 | Tamron 200-400/5.6 | Konica Centuria 200 pushed 2 stops
(the pushing was an unfortunate incident of the previous night)

Early morning at the Shiwree mud flats.

The tide did not come in much and hence the Flamingos too.
They like the waterline.

The Turns

Lesser Flamingo's feeding

we ventured into the mud, much to the dismay of the locals...

There are bogs, they said. One could go straight in up to the neck

A troop of the larger Scarlet Flamingo's came a visiting our part.

Maybe they were scouts .. ?

This is one large dude.

A couple of the bird watchers.