I love photographing. I have always been like this. The facination of capturing an image of this world we live in, of capturing a moment of time forever... aaah. Almost orgasmic. But photography is a very expensive hobby where I live. So we do not burn as much film as some other folks around the world. But the challenge, then, is to make use of every frame you click. Think. Think. And then think some more before you click. Since the arriaval of the digital, I have clicked far more than I had clicked in all the years before. Digital is good. It is here to stay. I love my S414. But the 5 is something else. The 50/1.4 is something else. I just wish I had the money to buy the 7D when it will come out. Minolta did a great thing to make it take all the existing AF lenses.

Boats at bhau-cha-dhakka
I have dabbled in some portrait photography. I found that even though initially I hated to photograph humans, soon I did not. I felt it a challenge and an interesting experience to try to capture the spirit of the person. That is to try and portray in the photograph what and how the person seems to me. Am still very raw -- but at least I tried. Some of my B&W Portraits and some Color Portraits too.

I have also tried some Flower photography. But it was a hasty and ill thought out experiment with all the wrong equipment always. The photographs are extremely amaturish but then hey... at least I tried.

The House Sparrow shows our neighbour, the sparrow, in some close detail. This is a very common bird and I shot all of these photos through my darkroom window where I laid in wait.

In Feb 2005, I shot a roll of Konica Centuria 200ISO film at Our Ruia Naka. I pushed 2 stops to 800ISO and also underexposed by 1/2 a stop. All the photos were shot hand held after 1930hrs in available light. I shot with the 50 f:1.4 -- like most of the times of late ....

My Older photos (~1995) are taken with the Zenith-E on Nova 125ISO disreputable film and developed in even more disreputable labs.

For all images to appear to you as I intended them to appear, please adjust the gamma of your monitor here


Concert at Aliance Francie
Some Photos .. ;)
Utsav 2005
The Flamingo's
Uday Tamoskar "Happy"
Jamming at Thane
A day at Prithvi
Naka Folks
Our Ruia Naka
Our Ruia Naka (For Firefox)
The House Sparrow
B&W Portraits
Color Portraits
Older photos


My encounters with different films



I first got to use my dad's Zenit-E when I was about 13 or 14. Since then I have known about the aperture and the shutter at all such things. I was lucky. I 'E' came into my possession when I was about 19. The Zenit-E comes with a very sharp Helios-44 MF 58mm f:2 (M42) ø49. I used it till I got my Minolta Dynax 5 in Dec 2002. In between I used our family Minolta Riva 35ST compact for my trekking and other outings. The 'E' was too heavy and unreliable.

Ever since I have had it, the '5' has become my favourite. It is a fantastic camera and for the money I paid for it, there was no competition. It is extremely light (~400grams) and yet feels solid. The Minolta AF 28-80mm f:3.5-5.6 D MACRO ø55 which came with it is also very light and mated perfectly to the '5'. I have to use of my friend Himanshu's Minolta AF 100-200mm f:4.5 ø49. This lens has given me good results for portraits and otherwise. I was also lucky to buy a second hand Minolta AF 50mm f:1.4 ø49 from Linda Swope in the US. This is an excellent piece of glass and is now my favourate lens. My friend Dukku has

presented me with the Tamron AF 200-400mm f:5.6 LD ø77 this May.

I got my digital Minolta DImage S414 (review) in October 2003. Since then I have done quite some experimentation with it.

I generally have a Spik U/V ø49 filter on the 50mm and the Marumi U/V ø55 on the 28-80. I have a
At Night
Promaster Cicrular Polarizer ø49 for the 50 & the 100-200 and a HighTech Linear Polarizer ø52 for the 28-80 (with a step down ring). I have a Vivitar Tripod VPT-1200 which I find OK for use while trekking. It is not very stable, though.

I have a very primitive home darkroom where I just have the KB B/W Enlarger with the Marumi 50/3.5 Enlarging Lens

I also have some old disfunctional cameras like Afga Standard (1926-1931 vintage) [more], Agfa Isoli, Agfa Click III, Kodak Hawkeye.

Make no mistake: the camera is just a means to capture and give form to the photographer's vison.

Gamma Correction

Adjust your video display's brightness such that the black area inside this box appears completely black (and not brownish). Then turn up the contrast till all 10 distinct shades of the gamma strip are visible.

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